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About Us

Just like you, we’re unique. So rather than listening to the sound of our own voice, it’s all about how we’ll help you stretch your ears in the most pain-free way possible.

Stretch your ears with ease

We started selling ear stretching jewellery online because we wanted to help people just like you simply stretch your ears safely with a brand you can trust that really listens to you, rather than an earless online body jewellery seller. Whether you’re here to pick up a few ear-stretching tips, check out an ear-stretching measuring guide, or you’d like to buy some ear stretching jewellery, we’re all ears!

Ear stretching jewellery and more...

Stocking the full range of sizes and offering a wide selection of ear stretching tapers, tunnels, plugs, fakes, spirals, crescents, and – pause for breath – claws, we also offer complete ear stretching kits and all the essential care products to help you look after your stretched ears.

Listen to your ears

You stretch your ears to the size you want, so why shouldn’t you choose individual jewellery to suit? We agree. That’s why our ear stretching jewellery comes in a variety of different materials, including our intricately hand-crafted organic range, which supports family-run businesses.

Express ear stretching

While it’s advisable to never rush your ear stretching and essential to listen to your body, we’re always in a hurry when it comes to fast dispatch and delivery times to the UK and across the world, so listen out for the knock at your door!

Guaranteed quality

Do take our word for it, because all our ear stretching tapers, tunnels, plugs, kits and everything else are sealed with our Quality Guarantee, which means we’ll issue you with a full refund if any of our products fail to meet your expectations.

Open your ears

  • Tapers, tunnels, plugs, ear stretching kits & more
  • Finished in an individual range of materials
  • Up-to-the-minute ear stretching tips
  • Super fast dispatch & delivery
  • Quality Guarantee