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Ear Stretching Kits From SIBJ

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We know we are different and we know we are needed. We are Stretch It Body Jewellery, the brand new, fresh off the shelf ear stretching specialist. Our ethos is simple, be fair, be affordable and be the best! We will only ever provide the highest quality ear stretching jewellery at prices that everyone can afford. The tricky bit is getting you, your friends and everyone else in the world to know it!

Why choose ear stretching kits from SIBJ?

We are small, like everything that starts out… But we only see this as an advantage! We aren’t like other the big corporate businesses that see you as another number on their order list, we treat you like an extension of our business, the tiny but hugely significant step in us becoming the UK brand leader in ear stretching jewellery!

The ear stretching process can be a long winded and expensive process that involves the use of numerous ear tapers, flesh plugs and tunnels that end up stretching your wallet more than your ears! Well, that was until now…

Cheap ear stretching kits with unbeatable quality!

From our starter ear stretching kits to our complete flesh tunnel sets, each and every piece of jewellery we sell is covered by our ‘Quality Guarantee‘ ensuring peace of mind no matter which kit you choose.

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And incase you were wondering, our excellent service to you doesn’t stop there… We are UK based, but ship all around the world with same day dispatch before 2PM by First Class Royal Mail or Airmail to our foreign friends! Can you tell us who else offers that quality of service!? Oh, and if your order is over £10.00, we’ll ship it free no matter where you live!

Peace and happy stretching!

The Stretch It Body Jewellery Team

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