SIBJ™ Premium Ear Stretching Tape

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Type: Stretching Tape
Material: PVC (Bondage Tape)
Length: 20m
Width: 15mm
Thickness: 0.1mm

Stretch up slowly and safely with SIBJ's brand new premium ear stretching tape. Made from non-adhesive PVC our tape makes stretching a breeze! The taping method is the preferred way to stretch up once you get to the larger sizes.

Give your single flare tunnel one wrap of the tape and lather up with our golden organic jojoba oil for lubrication. The process should be repeated every 7 - 30 days allowing the lobe to heal before adding more tape, (it is recommended you replace the old wraps with new ones and clean the jewellery, adding an extra wrap each time you stretch up). 1 wrap is equal to 0.2mm, so just 5 wraps and you've jumped up a painless mm! The process is slow and gradual but your lobes will love you for it! In no time you'll be at the next gauge and rocking some new, even bigger jewellery!

- Non-adhesive (contains no nasty chemicals)
- Sticks to itself NOT your skin or hair!
- Stretch up slowly and safely
- Little to no trimming unlike large expensive rolls of bondage tape

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