For Product Page - Rewards & Referrals

It's easy. Simply make a store account and you'll automatically be a part of our awesome reward program. By clicking on the 'Reward Program' button that's found on every page (bottom right) you'll be able to access all the information you need to starting earning and spending you Gauge Wages.

Just by signing up you’ll earn 200 Gauge Wages. From there you can earn more Gauge Wages by sharing our website on social media platforms, reviewing products and placing orders. We even give you 150 Gauge Wages on your birthday!

  • 5 Gauge Wages - for every £1 you spend.
  • 25 Gauge Wages each - for liking us on Facebook & following us on Twitter.
  • 25 Gauge Wages each - for sharing our website on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • 100 Gauge Wages - for leaving a review.
  • 150 Gauge Wages - every year to celebrate your birthday!

Starting earning today!

You can find your Gauge Wage balance by signing into your store account and clicking on the 'Reward Program' button found on the bottom right of every page.

On there you'll be able to:

  • Check your balance and see how far away you are from the next reward.
  • Find your referral link to share with the world and earn more discounts.
  • View all your earnt rewards and unlock your unique discount codes.
  • View all available rewards and how many Gauge Wages you need to unlock them.
  • Discover all the ways you can earn more Gauge Wages.
  • View your Gauge Wage history of earning and spending.

Gauge Wages can be redeemed for a whole array of awesome rewards. The more you have the better the reward!

  • 200 - 350 Gauge Wages = Free Standard Shipping
  • 500 Gauge Wages = £5 Off Discount
  • 750 Gauge Wages = 25% Off Discount
  • 900 Gauge Wages = £10 Off Discount

Referring a friend is easy. Ensure you have signed into your store account then click on the 'Reward Program' button found on the bottom right of every page.

Scroll to the bottom of the reward program tab into the 'Referrals' section. Here you'll find your unique referral link, it will look something like this:

Simply share this link with friends, family or anyone you think will love our products.

That's awesome! Each and every time someone clicks your unique referral link they are directed to our website. Once on our website, a pop-up will display a welcome message stating they have been sent a 10% off discount code from yourself (if they weren't your friend before, they will be now).

When they make a purchase they'll receive 10% off and you receive a £5 off discount code, everyone's a winner! There is no limit to how many discount codes you can earn, keep sharing your code and you'll be rolling in free plugs!