Abalone Shell Inlaid Brass Keyhole Ear Weight

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Type: Ear Weight
Material: Italian Brass (Lead, Nickel & Cadmium Free)
Inlay: Abalone Shell
Weight: Approx 35g
Inner Hook Diameter: 12.5mm
Overall Hanging Length: Approx 55mm
Minimum Required Stretch: 12mm (1/2")

These classic keyhole ear weights come with a beautiful abalone shell inlay that is both naturally vibrant and colourful. 

Made from Italian brass, these ear weights are lead, nickel and cadmium free. 

Brass jewellery should only be worn in fully healed stretched lobes. Consider these a 'special occasion piece' - avoid wearing for long periods of time.

Brass can easily tarnish especially when exposed to moisture, ensure you keep these beauties as dry as possible and polish regularly.

 - Stunning, eye-catching piece.

- Ear weights containing organic materials and inlays should be kept as dry as possible. Keep out of direct sunlight, high humidity areas such as bathrooms and avoid extreme temperatures. 

- Ear weights should not be used to stretch your lobes. Think of them as the maximum adornment jewellery for stretched lobes - a real show off piece! 

- Ear weights can be heavy. For our heavier ear weights be sure not to wear them all the time as this can cause thin spots at the bottom of the lobe.