Areng Wood Fake Gauge Plug With Crocodile Wood Flower Inlay

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Type: Fake Gauge Plug
Material: Areng Wood
Inlay: Crocodile Wood
Design: Flower Carving
Gauge: 1mm (18g) 316L Surgical Steel (Standard Pierced Lobe)

Get the stretch instantly with our fake gauge jewellery range. Simply wear in your standard pierced lobe for that awesome stretched look without all the effort.

- Carved by master craftsmen.

- Every piece of jewellery is completely unique and handmade. We'll match up pairs as best as possible.

- 1mm (18g) 316L Surgical Steel bar to fit your standard pierced lobe.

- Natural materials are beautiful in their own right, so please expect natural; marks, imperfections and slight colour variations.