Beaded Rim Surgical Steel Double Flare Screw Fit Tunnel (Internally Threaded)

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Type: Flesh Tunnel
Material: 316L Surgical Steel
Design: Beaded Rim
Flare Style: Double Flare Screw Fit (Internally Threaded)
Availability: 8mm - 20mm

These high-quality 316L surgical steel tunnels have an internally threaded flare making them super easy to insert. Simply unscrew and insert as if they were single flares! Ultra high polish shine, complete with unique beaded rim design. We can't get any more of these, only a few pieces left.

- Always internally threaded.

- Extremely accurate gauge size.

- High polish, ultra smooth and easy to insert.

- 316L premium grade steel.

- Double flare look with the ease of a single flare!