LoveLace Apparel™ Camo Lacebelt

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Type: Lacebelt
Brand: LoveLace Apparel™
Type: Traditional
Design: Camo
Length: 150cm
Width: 1.4cm

Shoelace belts were originally worn by skaters and BMXers instead of the typical buckle belt to prevent injury when fallen on. Lace belts are not only safer, but they are more comfortable and can be produced in numerous designs and patterns making them way cooler!

Not without their own problems such as awkward folding, Lovelace Apparel™ have designed and developed their own range of lace belts that are purpose built for the job! Longer, wider and twice as thick as standard shoe laces, gone are the days of using old, beat up, boring laces! 

- Awesome designs.

- No injuries, no discomfort, no folding.

- Easy to fit.