Rose Quartz Keyhole Stone Ear Weights

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Type: Ear Weight
Stone: Rose Quartz
Weight: Approx 17.5g
Length: 40mm
Width: 30mm
Minimum Required Stretch: 12mm (1/2")

These classic keyhole design ear weights will sure turn heads. Made from Rose Quartz and polished to perfection, you'll need at least lobes stretched to 12mm (1/2") to wear these beauties.

- Every piece of jewellery is completely unique and handmade. We'll match up pairs as best as possible.

- Natural materials are beautiful in their own right, so please expect natural; marks, imperfections and slight colour variations.

- Ear weights should not be used to stretch your lobes. Think of them as the maximum adornment jewellery for stretched lobes - a real show off piece! 

- Ear weights can be heavy. For our heavier ear weights be sure not to wear them all the time as this can cause thin spots at the bottom of the lobe.