SIBJ™ Leather Plug Pouch Replacement Insert

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Type: Plug Pouch Replacement Insert
Material: Suede Backed Leather
Colour: Black or Brown
Availability: 8mm - 30mm

Our replacement plug pouch inserts are now available to purchase separately - perfect if you stretched up since buying your pouch. The inserts can even be used as a stand alone organiser and placed in your own jewellery box.

- Double flared plugs? No problem, the supple leather stretches around the flares and returns to its original size firmly holding the plugs in place.

- Handmade by us in the UK.

- Made with premium genuine leather.

- Free worldwide delivery.

- As always, Quality Guaranteed!

PLEASE NOTE: Plugs and jewellery within the product pictures are there for demonstration purposes and are not included in the price of the replacement insert. These can be purchased separately from our store.

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