SIBJ™ PlugBox

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Type: Plug / Jewellery Storage Box
Material: Black Kraft Card
Availability: 6mm - 30mm + Fake Gauge / Body Jewellery Option

Store your collection in our handy PlugBox! Perfect for keeping your plugs & tunnels safe and organised at home or whilst travelling.

Each box comes laser engraved with our 'PlugBox' logo along with its precision laser cut insert in a size of your choice. Simply push your plugs into place securing them safe and sound until you're ready to wear them again.

Don't have plugs, but loads of piercings? We have also developed a special body jewellery insert to store all of your fake gauge plugs, earrings, barbells, closure rings, labret studs etc. up to 1.6mm (14g) gauge.

- The cheapest way to organise your jewellery and keep it safe!

- Store plugs & tunnels from 6mm - 30mm or grab the body jewellery version.

- Precision cut - see our other listings to buy replacement inserts.

- As always, Quality Guaranteed!

PLEASE NOTE: Plugs and jewellery within the product pictures are there for demonstration purposes and are not included in the price of the PlugBox. These can be purchased separately from our store.

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