The Bearded Man Co.™ Beard Oil & Styling Wax Set

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Type: Beard Oil & Styling Wax Set
Brand: The Bearded Man Co.™
Fragrances: Sandal Wood, Spanish Orange, Bay Rum, Leather, Sicilian Lemon & Walk In The Woods
Size: 10ml Beard Oil / 15ml Styling Wax

Our beard oil is a multipurpose miracle worker. Crafted with clean, no-fuss ingredients like non-greasy natural and essential oils, every bottle is free of questionable chemicals often used in the beauty industry, leaving your skin and beard happy and healthy.

We use the softening power of nut and wheat oils to coat beard hair and naturally soften them, leaving it smooth and nourished. This intensely moistening beard conditioner reduces the itching associated with growing a beard and enables you to maintain clean, tangle free growth. The oil should be used daily to keep the beard in optimum condition.

What we love about this beard conditioner is that applying it is easy but the results are awesome. It is not often that you can find something so simple that can make such a big difference to your day.

We use only the highest quality natural oils and keep our inventory low to ensure the freshest product possible. We love the feedback we get from our local customers. After using The Bearded Man Products, we think you will too.

- 100% Natural, High Performance and Made to Work.

- It is fast absorbing, ultra light and non-greasy.

- A few drops are all you need. Rub into the palms of your hands & gently massage onto skin & beard.

- Coats beard hair and naturally softens them without the use of heavy pomades.

- Contains a blend of 100% Natural Oils and Essential Oils.

Our moustache and beard wax is the perfect blend of oils, butters, and waxes to tame all manner of 'staches and unruly facial hair! Our styling wax is based on an old fashioned recipe with a modern twist.

This conditioning wax will not only style but treat your beard and moustache as well. The smoothing balm makes it great for taming your facial hair, shaping extravagant handlebars and adding definition to the well groomed modern gentleman.

Provides a sculptable precision that will style hair and set for an all day, stay-in-place-hold. The strength of the hold is determined by the amount of product used, your whiskers’ length/thickness and weather conditions. We make this wax more robust than ever, in order to tackle both the hottest and coolest of climes.

We have been creating and developing small batch artisan beauty products for many years. Each tin is free of questionable chemicals often used in the beauty industry. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients and keep our inventory low to ensure the freshest product possible. The wax is packaged in a recyclable pocket sized tin with a threaded cap that twists on tight, so it is great for travelling where ever the road leads you.

- 100% Natural, High Performance and Made to Work.

- Don't go overboard with our wax, it's powerful stuff! You can always add more to get your facial hair into shape.

- 100% natural, contains a blend of beeswax, oils and butters, no preservatives.

- Ensure the tin lid is on tightly to ensure an air-tight seal.

- Tested on Beards and Moustaches, not animals!

Beard Oil - Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance, Vitamin E.

Styling Wax - Beeswax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Fragrance.