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Stretching your ears is safe, but it must be done correctly! Maintaining your lobes health is key to ensure your body is ready for that next gauge. Fortunately, we provide you with all the tips and advice along with the products you need to keep stretching safely and properly... Holey Butt'r is our featured premium ear stretching vegan crème that will provide you with all the protection you could ever need!
Stretching Tape & Aftercare Set
The Ultimate Taping & Aftercare Set
FROM  £19.99
True Jelly™ Ear Stretching Gel
(1.5g / 5 or 10 Sachets)
FROM  £1.49
SIBJ™ Premium Ear Stretching Tape
15mm x 20m PVC (Bondage Tape)
FROM  £4.99
Smelly Gelly
FROM  £4.99
BPA Safe Solutions™ Piercing Aftercare
(10ml Solution)
FROM  £4.99
SIBJ™ Organic Golden Jojoba Oil (30ml)
FROM  £5.99
Holey Butt'r
Premium Ear Stretching Crème (10g)
FROM  £6.49