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"The safer and more successful your ear stretching is in the first place, the less you’ll need help and support, thanks to giving yourself the best possible start."

Your adventures in ear stretching are underway. For most people, it’s an exciting and rewarding way to enhance your appearance and express yourself. The last thing you need / want / require is anything going wrong.

This ear stretching aftercare guide is your chill manual through the post-stretch phase. Plus, there are lashings of related info about best ear stretching practices to prevent any unwelcome issues from arising. Read on to ensure your freshly stretched lobes heal perfectly and become a worthy expression of your inner self.

More Dead Ear Stretching, Less Aftercare Concerns

Model With Stretched Ears

The dead stretching method is renowned by enthusiasts for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s a gradual process that respects the natural elasticity of your skin. In fact, it’s a case of your body giving you the green light when it’s time for slightly larger flesh plugs. And yes, it calls for patience, because it’s slow and steady, not all systems go.

Why is this so important in an ear stretching aftercare guide? Simple. The safer and more successful your ear stretching is in the first place, the less you’ll need help and support, thanks to giving yourself the best possible start.

For this reason, a professional dead ear stretching kit is a no-brainer for minimum risk and maximum satisfaction. Better still, the most innovative kits offer increments as small as 0.5mm. This makes dead stretching even safer, whether you choose stainless steel, titanium, or a pro-level kit.

Let’s run through some of the best kits on the market for being precise and safe, not random and sorry.

Start with a Failproof Ear Stretching Kit

While this article focuses on stretched ear aftercare, it’s important to take a step back and look at the leading kits and products to make your aftercare journey a walk in the park:

Surgical Steel Dead Stretching Kit

This kit is crafted from 316L surgical steel for a seamless and hassle-free ear stretching experience.

Each flesh plug is designed for a comfortable and safe transition between sizes, with ultra-precise 0.5mm increments ranging from 1mm to 10mm. Their polished mirror finish looks sleek, while minimising discomfort during stretching. And a clear hypoallergenic o-ring guarantees a snug fit.

This dead ear stretching kit stands out in the market for its quality and innovation. You see, it’s designed by seasoned stretchers who know the ropes. So, you can rest assured these kits are tailored to make every stretch straightforward and painless. All you need is a healed piercing and you’re good to go.

As a bonus, each kit comes complete with a free measuring card and ear stretching guide. These eliminate any guesswork by making it easy to identify the right size, and our guide is bursting with expert tips and advice.

Titanium Dead Stretching Kit

ASTM F-136 titanium is known as the platinum standard ear stretching material, blending strength, comfort, and biocompatibility. This makes it the perfect match if you suffer with sensitive piercings.

Here’s the deal. Titanium flesh plugs guarantee no allergic reactions, making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin. They’re three times stronger than steel, but astonishingly lightweight for added safety and comfort. What’s not to love?

The juicy benefits don’t end there! This superior titanium ear stretching kit spans ear gauges from 1mm to 10mm, with subtle 0.5mm increments for smoother, safer, and more efficient stretching. Moreover, its mirror shine flesh plugs and clear hypoallergenic o-rings enhance the aesthetic and comfort of your stretch. Win: Win!

Like its stainless-steel sibling, the titanium ear stretching kit also includes a complimentary measuring card and ear stretching guide chock-full of expert advice and tips.

Surgical Steel Pro Gauge Dead Stretching Kit

Meet the ultimate solution when you’re looking to venture beyond the traditional 10mm (00g) size. This 316L surgical steel pro gauge ear stretching kit is custom-designed to simplify and refine stretching your ears to larger sizes. For this purpose, it features a size range from 10.5mm up to an impressive 25mm!

The kit's innovative 0.5mm increments empower you to achieve a perfect larger fit at the mid and later stages of your journey, for a smooth transition to the ear gauges of your wildest dreams.

Its flesh plugs are polished to a gleaming mirror finish for a gentle pain-free stretch, while a clear hypoallergenic o-ring guarantees a secure and snug fit. Another thing, the flesh plugs are thoughtfully designed to eliminate any sharp edges or unnecessary weight. This makes them more comfortable to wear, even in larger sizes.

It’s fair to say this daddy of kits is second to none in terms of its leading-edge design and functionality. You simply won't find anything quite like it.

So, that’s the ways and means under your belt. Let’s move swiftly on to what you really came for – shedloads of stretched ear aftercare info.

The Secrets of Efficient Stretched Ear Aftercare

Stretched ear aftercare is your roadmap to healthy, happy stretched lobes after you’ve gone ahead and done the deed. Here's our expert hacks to nail ear stretching nirvana:

Have Patience and Adjust

Give your recently stretched ears time to get comfortable with their new adornments before removing your jewellery, we recommend at least a few days of leaving them alone. Why? Because a brief breather allows the ears to settle down and adapt. The same applies after each incremental ascent. While everybody is different, it’s general wisdom to wait at least eight weeks between ear gauges. Watch for signs of readiness and never force the next gauge. It’s healthy stretching #101. Simple as.

WAIT sign

Wash Wisely

Get into the swing of cleaning both your jewellery and stretched lobes regularly. At least twice a day with warm, chemical-free soap is a common-sense starting point. It’s essential for maintaining hygiene, and also conducive to healing. This simple act can prevent a multitude of problems further down the line.

Hand Washing

Soak for Success

You might also want to try adding some humble table salt to warm water for a saltwater soak, using cotton wool balls or a linen cloth. It cleanses and soothes your stretched lobes, in turn upping the healing process.

Water In Hands

Massage Your Lobes

Build massages with jojoba oil and / or other specialised ear stretching balms into your aftercare routine, (see our hot picks 👇). Adopting this practice three times weekly promotes healing, boosts elasticity, and strengthens weakened skin.

Holey Butt

Avoid Snag Hazards

Be mindful of anything that could catch on your jewellery. A moment's carelessness with a hat on a bad hair day, throwing on your clothes or using elaborate bedding can undo weeks of healing.

Model With Stretched Ears

Press Pause on Porous Jewellery

Tempted by the aesthetic appeal of wood and stone jewellery? You’re far from alone. But, (wo)man up and show some restraint! Your ears need time to fully heal before introducing porous materials that can harbour bacteria.

Glowing Wait Sign In The Dark

Follow Your Nose

A slight smell is normal. But persistent odours need attention. Best ways, it can just be nature’s way of signalling you need to clean your ears more thoroughly. Or occasionally, it can be one of the first signs something isn’t going to plan, in which case it might be wise to see a healthcare professional.

Model Thinking

Now, moving swiftly on to the top stretched ear aftercare products we promised.

3 Brilliant Products for Stretched Ear Aftercare Assured

Equip yourself with these babies to show the love to your stretches:

  • LobeLove™ Organic Golden Jojoba Oil - This 30ml bottle of 100% pure, natural, and cold-pressed high-grade jojoba oil is your go-to aftercare solution. It’s ability to mimic natural skin sebum promotes rejuvenation and increases elasticity and hydration. Incorporate it into your routine to nourish your stretched lobes and make future stretching easier.
  • LobeLove™ Professional Saline Piercing Spray - Look no further than this professional-grade, preservative and alcohol-free 30ml powerhouse for optimal cleansing care of standard and challenging stretches. The compact spray bottle is the ultimate in convenience, kitting you out to refresh the stretch anywhere, anytime. A must-have for ear stretching health.
  • Holey Butt'r - This beloved balm is a standout choice for stretched ear aftercare in a convenient 10g tin. It merges the power of antiseptic with the nurturing effects of moisturising oils, vitamins, and minerals to keep your stretches supple. Any discomfort from dryness or itching is soothed away. And all the moisturising goodness is sealed in for lasting hydration, softening even the driest skin.

It might surprise you. But this is as demanding as stretched ear aftercare should get. There’s very little to do if you don’t experience any complications after using a professional ear stretching kit.

But, what if you’re unlucky?

3 Red Flags that Point to Ear Stretching Complications

Model With Large Stretched Ears

We don’t want to be gloom meisters or put you off the weird and wonderful world of ear stretching. But truthfully, complications can occasionally arise, despite your best efforts.

Well, you’ve probably heard the mantra: “See it. Say it. Sorted it”. The same applies to stretched ear aftercare. This is why it’s vital to recognise and respond early to issues like blowouts, tears, or infections. The sooner you do, the better your chance of preventing long-term damage.

So, what should you watch out for when you’re going about your stretched ear aftercare business?

  • Understanding Blowouts - A blowout is caused by ear stretching too quickly. A ring of scar tissue forms as your body springs into action to protect and heal itself. It can look like your stretch is turning inside out, which isn’t a good look by any standards. Moreover, blowouts can lead to pain and inflammation.
  • Calling Time on Tears - Stretched ears can tear due to wearing ear gauges that are too heavy. Or snagging accidents can happen. Tearing changes the appearance of stretched lobes to elongated slits, often leading to sagging or drooping, and making it difficult to wear jewellery. The good news is it’s typically not painful. The bad news is it doesn’t look great, your stretch might become unable to hold jewellery at all, and a completely torn-through lobe can only be repaired surgically.
  • Spotting Infections - Signs of infection pretty much speak for themselves. So, don’t turn a blind eye to symptoms such as redness, swelling, pus, or even fever. If you experience any of these things, you need to act fast to prevent the situation from getting worse.

It can sound a bit on the grisly side. But panic not! There’s plenty of stretched ear aftercare hacks to help if something goes wrong.

The Best Ways to Deal with Ear Stretching Problems

Large Stretched Ears

Here are some top tips to mitigate ear stretching problems:

  • Rapid Response: Recognising a blowout early can be key to reversing it without lasting effects.
  • Massage: Gently massaging the affected area with a suitable oil can help reduce scar tissue and encourage healing.
  • Downsizing: Reducing the size of your jewellery alleviates pressure on the lobe, reducing or eradicating the risk of further tearing while promoting recovery.
  • Salt Soaks: Regular cleaning with a salt solution can cleanse, soothe, and encourage healing.

That’s all well and good. But what if you find yourself dealing with stubborn or severe complications? If in doubt, medical or surgical intervention might be necessary. Check-in with your Practice Nurse or GP for their professional opinion and potential prescriptive or other treatment options.

In Summary

Your stretched ears should be your pride and joy, a symbol of your identity. So, why wouldn’t you do them the courtesy of:

  • Patience
  • Proper technique
  • Thoughtful aftercare

Remember, the goal isn’t just to reach your desired size. As well as that, you also want to enjoy healthy, beautifully stretched ears for years to come. So, take your time, treat your body with respect, and relish the transformation as it unfolds.

At Stretch It Body Jewellery, you can dive into ear stretching aftercare with our handpicked kits and products for a smooth and healthy journey. Visit our website now to discover more about ear stretching aftercare and browse our full product range. Your ears deserve the best care after all, and we're here to help every stretch of the way.

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