The Taping Method: How To Use Ear Stretching Tape

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"Ear stretching using the taping method is a game-changer when you're looking to take your lobes to the next level."

Are your stretched ears hovering just under or over the larger 10mm (00g) ear gauge sizes? This, my friend, is the article for you. And today, we’re going to talk about the taping method.

Ear stretching using the taping method is a game-changer when you're looking to take your lobes to the next level. But it’s generally not the best option for first timers. (If that’s you, check out the dead ear stretching section in The World’s Best Ear Stretching Guide for now. You can always come back here when you’re ready.)

But don’t go anywhere if you’ve paid your dues, you’ve learnt what’s what, and you’re going for a larger ear stretching size.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about supersized ear gauges and using ear stretching tape to get there safely. So, get yourself comfy and dive in.

What is the Taping Method When Ear Stretching?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let's quickly cover what the taping method is, and why it’s such a popular choice:

  • What is ear taping? - The taping method is your go-to when you’re ready to stretch bigger… seriously bigger. It gradually increases your ear stretching size by adding layers of tape to your jewellery. And you keep wrapping and adding more layers of ear stretching tape until you hit the sweet spot you’re aiming for.
  • Why use the taping method for going big? - The jumps between ear gauge sizes get heftier when you're stretching past 10mm (00g). This is where taping comes in handy, offering gradual, controlled ear stretching without causing unnecessary damage.

Just remember, this isn’t a race. You’ll have heard us say this a million times if you’re already part of our community. (If you’re new here, welcome!) Ear stretching is all about patience and going slow. Rush it, and you’ll regret it.

Thankfully, there shouldn’t be any room for regrets when you get the dynamics right, starting with the most suitable ear stretching tape.

Upsize Safely with the Best Ear Stretching Tape

Moving beyond 10mm (00g) ear gauges means it's time to ditch the tapers and switch to premium ear stretching tape. But not all ear stretching tape is created equal.

We’re going to run through the good, bad and heinously ugly! But, let’s kick off with the one you can’t go wrong with - SIBJ™ Premium Ear Stretching Tape.

Here’s why it’s top of the tapes when you’ve got big ear stretching ambitions:

  • Ideal for larger sizes - This elite bondage tape is custom designed for controlled, incremental increases in ear stretching size, minimising the risk of damage such as blowouts.
  • Easy to use - Just one layer of ear stretching tape is recommended for use with a single flare tunnel every 7-30 days. Each wrap increases the diameter by a tiny 0.2mm. But after just five wraps, you'll have stretched up by an additional painless millimetre. This slow, steady taping method keeps your lobes healthy and ready for the larger jewellery you’ve got in your sights.
  • Non-Adhesive - It’s chemical-free. So, it only sticks to itself, not your skin or hair.
  • Expertly prepped for immediate stretching - Requires only minimal trimming, (if that), because it’s pre-cut, unlike bulkier bondage tape for ear stretching.

But there are other options worth knowing about.

Other Types of Ear Stretching Tape

You might not expect a choice besides bondage tape for ear stretching. Well, there is. And truthfully, you wouldn’t want to touch some of it with a barge pole!

Here’s what you might find when you’re looking for ear stretching tape in-store and online:

  • PTFE tape for ear stretching - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape, also known as Teflon tape, is a credible enough option. It's hypoallergenic, temperature-resistant, and stretchy. Best of all, it has no glue. It just holds onto itself, like clingfilm, the same as bondage tape for ear stretching. On the downside, using it can be fiddly compared to SIBJ tape.
  • Electrical tape for ear stretching - Also commonly referred to as insulating tape, it’s a danger zone for ear stretching. This is because it’s really porous, with glue that can irritate the hell out of your ears, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. The thing is, the glue gets all gooey and messy when it heats up, like if you've ever left a roll in your car. It turns into a sticky, hairy, lint-covered mass. Now, imagine that in your lobes, like a sticky germ magnet. Not exactly what you want for your ears, right? The message is clear. Avoid electrical tape for ear stretching to prevent the infections and irritation it sometimes causes.

That’s the best tape of the trade covered. But what else should you think about to prepare?

Get Ready for Supersized Ear Stretching with Tape?

Right, time to get your tools together. This is what you need for an A1 taping experience:

Clean hands

It might sound ridiculously obvious. But always start with clean hands to avoid infections.

Wash your hands

Single flare plug or tunnel

Surgical steel, glass, or other materials are perfectly safe for fresh stretches using the taping method.

Single Flare Surgical Steel Plug

High quality ear stretching tape

We’ve already talked about this at length. Choose a tape specifically designed for ear stretching, not for plumbing, not for wrapping parcels.

Jojoba oil

Non-negotiable for lubrication and massage.

Fragrance-free antibacterial soap

For cleaning your ears and jewellery.

Fragrance Free Antibacterial Soap

Hot shower or bath

To get your lobes in the mood and stretch ready.

Take A Hot Shower

All good? Let’s get stretching.

7 Steps to Larger Stretch Perfection Using the Taping Method

Follow this expert approved framework to rock the next size safely, comfortably and hassle-free:

Step 1

Take a hot shower or bath – This is the perfect prep, not a cleansing exercise. You see, the heat and steam will open the blood vessels in your lobes, making them more pliable and ready for stretching. Plus, it's a great way to relax and prepare mentally for the process.

Step 2

Clean your hands and jewellery - Thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Then, clean your ear gauges and jewellery using the same soap. For an extra step, you can soak your jewellery in boiling water to sterilise it if you prefer to be really anal. (Just make sure it’s cool before inserting it!).

Step 3

Wrap Your jewellery with ear stretching tape – Wrap a single layer of tape around the wearable area of your flare plug or tunnel, leaving a slight overlap so the tape can stick to itself and stay in place. Keep some tension on it, to avoid folds or creases and ensure a snug fit.

Step 4

Trim any excess tape – Get rid of any unwanted sticky out bits with a sharp blade or scissors. Watch what you’re doing to avoid any accidents!

Step 5

Massage with jojoba oil – Give your lobes a five-minute massage. This lubricates them and stimulates blood flow, making every stretch plain sailing.

Step 6

Insert your taped jewellery – Slather jojoba oil on the ear stretching tape and gently insert the plug or tunnel into your lobe. The increase in size should be minimal enough to avoid resistance. Stop and try again later if there are any issues, because there shouldn’t be if you’re getting it right.

Step 7

Aftercare – Re-oil your tape twice daily and maintain your regular cleaning routine. In addition, remove the old wraps and replace them with new ones each time you clean your jewellery. Repeat every 7-21 days, adding an extra wrap each time.

Show Your Lobes Some Love with Premium Organic Jojoba Oil

Lobe Love Jojoba Oil

It might not have escaped your attention there’s plenty of oiling to be done during the taping process. Once again, it would be rude not to point you in the direction of our recommended product for the job - LobeLove™ Organic Golden Jojoba Oil.

Here’s why lobes all over the country can’t get enough of this stuff:

Perfect all-round care for stretched lobes no matter the gauge size – IMHO this is jojoba oil royalty, from a great brand 😉, certified organic by the Soil Association, and 100% pure, natural, and cold-pressed for maximum benefits.

Ideal for hydration and healing – Jojoba is really well thought of in the ear stretching community for the way it mimics the skin’s natural sebum. This is what makes it so effective for rejuvenating the skin and keeping your stretched lobes soft and nourished.

Easy application, long lasting results, great value - The convenient drip top ensures easy, mess-free application, dispensing just the right amount without any waste. A little goes a long way. So, your bottle will last and last.

Ethical and cruelty-free - 100% vegan and has never been tested on animals. The cherry on top!

All the same, no ear stretching method is beyond reproach, including the taping method. There can always be exceptions to the rule, because every body reacts in different ways to different situations.

So, let’s take a look at the most common things that can go wrong if you’re unlucky or reckless - but shouldn’t happen if you follow the correct steps and use the recommended products and tools.

Understand the “Point of No Return”

Model With Stretched Ears Wearing 12mm Surgical Steel Gauges

The “point of no return” – when shrinkage is no longer a given – isn’t caused by the taping method. But it’s typically associated, because the taping method is most commonly used for larger ear gauge sizes beyond 10mm (00g).

It’s generally agreed a 6mm (2g) ear stretching size allows for reversing the process if you ever decide to downsize. That’s not to say larger ear gauge sizes can’t also shrink back. But the end result is less predictable the larger the stretch.

Beware of Blowouts: The Taping Method Edition

Blowouts are every ear stretcher's worst nightmare - nasty, painful, and seriously ugly. You can suffer a blowout with any ear stretching method. And the taping method, while effective, can be a minefield if you rush it.

A blowout is your ear's way of screaming, "Slow the heck down!" But, sensitivities can crop up out of nowhere, even if the stretch itself is a walk in the park, due to issues such as:

  • Getting a hair stuck
  • Having a reaction to your shampoo or soap
  • Using PTFE or electrical tape for ear stretching, (you might be able to quickly identify an unsuitable tape as the guilty culprit if your jewellery material hasn't changed)
  • Forcing a plug or tunnel in when your ear isn't ready for the next size

The result? A less-than-ideal ring of scar tissue that looks unsightly and challenging to wear jewellery.

Put Blowout Back in Its Box

What if the worst comes to the worst and you experience the first signs of blowout, or a full-blown disaster? Stay calm. It’s not the desired result. But it’s not the end of the world either, so long as you take action.

Here’s what to do if your ear stretching journey takes a wrong turn:

  • Make an appointment to see your GP if there’s intense pain or weird smells
  • Insert your plugs from back to front to minimise excess skin
  • Consider sizing down or removing jewellery completely for a few weeks
  • Once healed, give it a solid 12 weeks before going up an ear stretching size, (although you’ll know you’re in the clear when you’ve been symptom-free for a few weeks)
  • Keep those lobes oiled and well-maintained to avoid future blowouts

Blowouts suck. But you’ll be back on track and slaying your larger size in no time with a bit of patience and care.

Happy, Healthy Taping

Ear Stretching Tape Wrapped Around Plug

Leading bondage tape for ear stretching helps you get there in a safe and controlled manner, whether you’re aiming for subtle ear gauges or attention-grabbing tunnels.

And ultimately, the taping method is a fantastic way to achieve those larger ear gauge sizes gradually and safely. Just always keep it in mind to listen to your body, and enjoy the ride.

Ready to take your ear stretching game higher? At Stretch It Body Jewellery, you can discover and buy the brilliant products discussed in this article. And drool over all the new jewellery you're going to treat yourself to when you achieve those larger-than-life ear gauges you've always wanted. Click here to start mastering the taping method today!

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