Surgical Steel Single Flare Tunnel

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Type: Flesh Tunnel
Material: 316L Surgical Steel
Flare Style: Single Flare
Availability: 1.6mm - 50mm

Simply perfect... for stretching! These 316L Surgical Steel flesh tunnels come in all the sizes you need to stretch from your pierced lobe to your heart's content. We highly recommend using these (or the plug version) to insert straight after you've used the taper to stretch the lobe. Steel tapers should NOT be worn as jewellery!

Everything on these tunnels is smooth, accurate and most importantly 100% fresh stretch friendly. Even if you are not currently stretching up, these are an absolute classic for stretched lobes.

Save money and buy these tunnels as a kit - Ear Stretching Kits.

- Fresh stretch friendly.

- Extremely accurate gauge size.

- High polish, ultra smooth and easy to insert.

- 316L premium grade steel.

- Complete with o-ring.

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