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"There’s something extra special about stone ear gauges. This is because they’re tiny, shaped and polished fragments of the natural world. Better still, each plug couples visual appeal with its own unique mysticism."

Roll up for the grand tour of stone ear plugs! This handy guide to gemstone and crystal plugs is your all access pass to understanding and wearing stone ear gauges. We guarantee you’ll find loads of useful info, whether you're an ear stretching connoisseur or a giddy newcomer.

So, kick back, relax, and explore the awesome gemstone ear plugs you’re about to get acquainted with, plus a few do’s and don’ts along the way.

What are Stone Ear Plugs?

Chrysocolla Stone Plugs

Stone ear plugs kind of define themselves. They’re the same solid, circular ear stretchers you’re likely familiar with, but made of stone rather than metal or other materials.

But there’s something extra special about stone ear gauges. This is because they’re tiny, shaped and polished fragments of the natural world. Better still, each plug couples visual appeal with its own unique mysticism.

Maintaining Your Stone Ear Stretchers

Rhodonite Stone Ear Plugs

Organic ear gauges are more than jewellery. They’re a singular form of self-expression with compelling spiritual properties, (more of that shortly). And they’re strong, stunning, yet fragile in uncareful hands.

For these reasons, you’ll want to give your cherished organic plugs some serious TLC. That said, elaborate rituals aren’t necessary for cleaning them. So, what are the best ways to keep them shining, when moisture is off the table for some organic materials?

Can Stone Plugs and Flesh Tunnels Get Wet?

Water. Friend or foe of stone tunnels and plugs? Brilliant FAQ!

You might automatically assume stone flesh tunnels and plugs are indestructible, because they’re stone. But they too have their preferences. Their water-repellent nature means they can dance in the rain and soak in cleansing waters. But boundaries are key.

Keep the bond between you and your wet organic plugs strong and unblemished by trying these three simple steps to maintain their integrity:

  • Gently Clean - Stone appreciates a soft touch, despite being sturdy. Use a soft cloth or a brush with gentle bristles and fragrance-free antibacterial soap.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals - Chemicals can be harsh on semi-precious stones, stripping them of their natural oils and sheen.
  • Dry Properly - Allow them to air dry completely for 12 hours post-wash, to be sure any bacteria and moisture are gone. And finish up with a dab of jojova oil to rejuvenate their natural lustre.

When Can I Wear Organic Plugs?

Green Line Jasper Stone Ear Gauges

Patience is more than a virtue for ear stretching triumph. And timing is everything in terms of stone ear plugs.

Crystal and gemstone ear plugs need a little restraint before gracing freshly stretched ears. This is because their organic beauty is accompanied by porous surfaces. So, bite the bullet and sit it out for six weeks minimum to allow your ears to welcome them fully.

A bore, for sure. But it’s a mere blink in the grand scheme of things. Well worthwhile for preventing any unwanted gate crashers like bacteria making itself at home in your stone plug’s pores.

What are the Different Styles of Gemstone and Crystal Plugs?

Stone ear plugs don't conform to one shape or style. They're as diverse as you. There’s a style for every soul, style narrative and stretch size, including:

  • Single Flare - Ideal for those new to stretching, with one flared end and a flat back secured with an o-ring.
  • Double Flare - A step up from a single flare, with flares on both ends for a secure fit. Best for already comfortably stretched and healed ears.
  • Concave - domed inwards giving the plug a more interesting appearance. This style is also great at reducing the weight of your stone plugs.
  • Flat - Sleek and straightforward, these sit flush against the lobe for a minimalist look.
  • Convex - Bold and protruding, their mushroom-like structure makes a statement while adding dimension and interest -convex plugs make your stretch look bigger!

What are the Benefits Beyond the Beauty?

Stone ear plugs are an asset for the ear stretching community, over and above their undeniable visual appeal. Here’s why:

  • Natural Stretching Power - The weight of stone ear stretchers aids in gently and gradually stretching the lobes.
  • Biocompatibility - Stone is unlikely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. This makes stone ear gauges a reassuring choice, stepping up to the plate in moments where life and your lobes aren’t getting on with metals.
  • Easiness on the Eye - Crystal and gemstone ear plugs are unique pieces of art, adding wow factor to your individual style.
  • Spiritual Connection - Many people swear by the spiritual benefits of semi-precious stones, from grounding and protection to sharper intuition and emotional balance. And wait till you see the rainbow of gemstone and crystal plugs to choose from… snowflake obsidian, jade and jasper to rhodonite, labradorite, unakite, hematite, opalite and most other ‘ites’ under the sun! There’s hardly a transformative power you won’t be tapping into when you keep adding new ear gauges to your collection.

In fact, let’s have that closer look we promised earlier at the spiritual essence of stone tunnels and plugs.

Top 5 Stone Plugs on the Spiritual-o-meter

It’s fascinating stuff! Here’s five of the best in our humble opinion, although everybody’s got their faves, just like you’ll find yours –

Moss Agate (known as the earth's healer)

This piece of green gorgeousness is known as the stone of new beginnings. It’s thought to be a powerful ally in channelling the earth’s energies, bringing stability and balance. The perfect choice when you’re seeking harmony in your life through connecting with nature. Additionally, it’s also the ideal stone for ploughing your furrow through changes or recovering from setbacks or upheavals. In short, Moss Agate ear gauges encourage peaceful and steady growth by clearing out the rubbish and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing.

Hematite (known as the grounding force)

Lustrous Hematite ear stretchers act as the earth’s anchors, offering a powerful grounding energy. It’s known as the stone of the mind for levelling up concentration, focus, and willpower. And it’s a secret weapon when you’re searching for clarity and control over your actions, such as overindulgence or addiction. Hematite crystal plugs might provide the extra boost you need for resolve and self-esteem.

Rose Quartz (known as the heart's guardian)

The pretty in pink essence of these semi-precious gemstone ear plugs is all about giving and receiving unconditional love in all its forms. It can be especially reassuring in times of grief or recovery from emotional wounds, because it promotes self-love, compassion, and forgiveness, dissolving hurt and opening the heart to empathy and reconciliation. So, whether you’re hoping to mend a broken heart or ignite a new flame, you’ll want to think pink.

Labradorite (known as the mystical transformer)

The iridescent stone of transformation is a powerful protector, shielding the aura, preventing energy suck, and strengthening intuition. Intriguingly, it’s also believed to awaken your inner magical powers and get the psychic juices flowing. But it's a particularly good choice if you’re going through life changes and need an extra infusion of strength and perseverance to support you on your journey.

Amethyst (known as the tranquiliser)

The soothing violet light of Amethyst ear stretchers is a natural tranquiliser, relieving stress and encouraging you to let go of anger, fear, and anxiety. In fact, it’s sometimes called the stone of peace, a pseudonym that well suits its ability to raise spiritual awareness, support meditation, and help you shift towards a state of serenity and contentment. Amethyst's protective energy also helps in overcoming addictions, providing clarity, and helping you break free from self-destructive behaviours. It can even aid better sleep. Is there anything amethyst ear gauges can’t do, (the dishes would be good)?

What Crystal and Gemstone Ear Plugs Do We Offer?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg... To be honest, it’s more of a case of what we don’t offer! SIBJ’s selection is frankly humungous, with stone flesh tunnels and plugs for every lobe under the sun. Our unbeatable range includes (but isn’t limited to):

Amethyst - Ranges from light to deep purple, displaying a vibrant spectrum of colour

Black Onyx - Glossy jet black

Bloodstone – Bottle green with dark red spatters

Blue Tiger’s Eye – Navy blueish gray with a chatoyancy (cat's eye) effect

Chrysocolla - Deep blue-green with contrasting multi-coloured flecks

Cloudy Quartz – Milky white

Dyed Green Jade – Exactly what it says on the tin

Golden Obsidian - Deep black glittering golden highlights

Green Aventurine – Sateen mid-green

Green Fluorite – Crisp green with a marbled appearance

Grey Labradorite – Opaque blue-ish grey flecked with black and silver

Green Sandstone – Black flecked with glittery greens and golds

Green Striped Agate – Mint to emerald green flecked with striking white stripes

Hematite - Bold and neutral metallic grey

Howlite – Light grey or white, usually with black, brown, or grey marbling

Indian Agate – Green gemstone with flecks of brown, black, white, grey, even green or red

Labradorite - A beautiful iridescent ‘black rainbow’ displaying brilliant pastels and deep golden colors

Lavender Opalite – Clear iridescent light purple

Mahogany Obsidian – Reddish brown with black and red banding created by iron inclusions

Moondevite – Pinky purple marbling, (you’ll know if Pokemon is your jam!)

Mookaite – Swirling bands can range from lighter cream shades to brazen reds, oranges and yellows

Moss Agate – Mixed greens, reminiscent of natural patterns found in forests

Opalite – Luminous shady of milky white with blue and pink undertones

Rainbow Fluorite – A kaleidoscope of amethyst, blue sapphire, carnelian, citrine, emerald, indigo, lavender, and ruby tones

Red Jade – Lovely lively red

Red Striped Agate - Lively reds and oranges with unique white banding patterns

Red Tiger’s Eye – Brownish red lustre rippled with gold and black streaks

Rhodonite – Pretty in pink contrasting dark and light tones

Rose Quartz – Delicate baby pink

Seafoam Green Opalite - Bright green hues with a pearlescent finish

Sodalite – Blue veined with white markings

Tourmalinated Quartz - Clear with black strands

Unakite - Mosaic of green, pink, and sometimes orange hues

White Jade - White, off-white, or cream in colour

Yellow Tiger’s Eye – Silky and lustrous yellow and amber tones

Zebra Jasper – Black and white banding, like its namesake

What to Look for in High Quality Stone Tunnels and Plugs

Labradorite Stone Ear Gauges

Quality matters with stone ear plugs. For this reason, don’t be tempted by cheap and ultimately uncheerful tat. Go to the other extreme and be a discerning stretcher.

Here are the main hallmarks of quality to look for:

  • Smooth finish - The surface of stone ear gauges should be silky to the touch, without any roughness.
  • Mirror polish - Great quality stone plugs and flesh tunnels should have a glossy, light-reflecting polish.
  • Clean edges - Look for stone ear plugs with well-defined, smooth edges, free of any sharpness.
  • Vibrant colours and quality grades - The colour of gemstone ear plugs should be deep and consistent, which is indicative of high-grade stones.
  • Accurate sizing - Precision in sizing ensures a comfortable and safe fit.
  • Authenticity: Beware of cheap imitations. For instance, Howlite masquerading as turquoise is one of the most typical examples of ear stretching fakery. So, be cautious of materials being touted as something they’re not.
  • Colorfastness: Dyed crystal plugs can transfer colour to your piercing. It’s another unpleasant sign of lack of authenticity. Integrity of colour is a mark of true quality that doesn’t turn your ears sky blue, pink or any other colour, (although the temptation is real if you really want to stand out at any cost)! 
Model With Stretched Ears

There are many good reasons why members of the ear stretching clan double down on a stone plug collection, because it:

  • Celebrates the natural world
  • Raises personal expression
  • Offers a unique opportunity to explore and tap into the mystical connections of gemstone and crystal plugs

At Stretch It Body Jewellery, you’re invited to experience our stunning range of stone ear plugs and see yourself if it’s a route you’d like to go deeper down. Visit our website to discover how these cool and fascinating pieces help you express your individuality in the most authentic and eye-catching way.

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