Areng Wood Double Flare Plug With Laser Engraved Gold Regal Pattern

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Type: Flesh Plug
Material: Areng Wood
Design: Engraved Gold Regal
Flare Style: Double Flare (Flat Flare)
Face Style: Flat 

Availability: 8mm - 16mm

Gorgeous gold regal pattern painted and laser engraved onto stunning areng wood flesh plugs.

- Carved by master craftsmen.

- Every piece of jewellery is completely unique and handmade. We'll match up pairs as best as possible.

- Natural materials are beautiful in their own right, so please expect natural; marks, imperfections and slight colour variations.

- Biocompatible and kind to your skin. (Only wear Organics in fully healed stretched lobes).

- Natural prevention from infection and odour.