Brass Ear Saddle Plug Ear Weight

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Type: Ear Weight
Material: Italian Brass (Lead, Nickel & Cadmium Free)
Design: Brass Saddle
Flare Style: Double Flare (Saddle)
Availability: 6mm - 25mm

These Brass Saddle Plugs are sure to catch the eye! They look great when worn alone but can be used as a hanger for additional ear weights; for comfortable weight distribution. A great addition to adorning those lobes!  

-Ear weights should not be used to stretch your lobes. Think of them as the maximum adornment jewellery for stretched lobes - a real show-off piece! 

- Ear weights can be heavy. For our heavier ear weights be sure not to wear them all the time as this can cause thin spots at the bottom of the lobe.

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