Grade AAA Labradorite Single Flare Convex Stone Plug

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Type: Flesh Plug 
Stone: Grade AAA Labradorite
Flare Style: Single Flare 
Face Style: Convex
Availability: 5mm - 12mm

*Please leave a note when checking out if you have a flash colour preference - we'll do our best to provide the colour you'd like but we cannot guarantee it due to varying stock. 

The most sought after plugs on the planet! 

Stunning Grade AAA Labradorite plugs at a price you can afford. Labradorite is massively popular within the stretched ear scene, unfortunately, the high-quality stones are out of many peoples budgets - with some sellers asking for £200+ per pair for decent flash plugs!

There is no arguing that high flash labradorite is expensive in itself, that's before the raw stone has been professionally cut, sized and polished whilst maximising the flash (a skill within itself).

We saw a gap in the market to provide this beautiful stone to the masses for a price that is fair and affordable whilst keeping the quality of the flash and craftsmanship of the stonework. I'm happy to announce we 100% smashed this vision!

As well as beautiful high flash plugs with a glass-like polish we also offer the choice of flash colour preference - we don't know of any other company offering this for off the shelf labradorite plugs!

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