Narra Wood Double Flare Convex Teardrop Plug

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Type: Teardrop Plug
Material: Narra Wood
Flare Style: Double Flare (Saddle)
Face Style: Convex
Availability: 4mm - 25mm

Teardrops are an awesome alternative to standard shaped plugs. As the name suggests these plugs are teardrop shaped but still have the exact gauge size. These teardrops are hand carved from narra wood and have a beautiful deep shine.

- Carved by master craftsmen.

- Every piece of jewellery is completely unique and handmade. We'll match up pairs as best as possible.

- Natural materials are beautiful in their own right, so please expect natural; marks, imperfections and slight colour variations.

- Biocompatible and kind to your skin. (Only wear Organics in fully healed stretched lobes).

- Natural prevention from infection and odour.